Products / Project Examples


3D SmartInspect

Intelligent inspection monitoring and documentation by optical tracking system for ultrasound and Eddy Current inspection


3MA-II | 3MA-X8 | BEMI

Micromagnetic characterization of material properties in manufacturing processes – rapidly, nondestructively and ready for 100 percent inspection


3MA for monitoring and controlling sheet metal forming

Nondestructive testing of mechanical-technological properties in formed sheets


3MA Press Hardening

3MA inspection technology for the nondestructive inspection of press-hardened body parts: an instrumental and methodical combination of four micromagnetic inspection methods


3MA Valve Spring Scanner

Nondestructive inspection of hardness and residual stress depth profiles in case of valve springs



Acoustic sensor system for final assembly inspection or operation monitoring by means of cognitive signal analysis



Ultrasound-based measuring system for the determination of inclusions in aluminum melts



Automated ultrasound wheel tread inspection system for the automated detection of crack-like defects in the tread of railway wheels



Implemented thermography, thickness, eddy current, and ultrasonic testing

Multimodal sensor systems integrated into the network via ontology and DICONDE standard


Hollow Axle Inspection System

Automated ultrasound inspection system for the inspection of wheel set axles with longitudinal bores



Multichannel Multifrequency Eddy Current Inspection Electronics



Eddy current sensor system on the basis of the inspECT electronics for the rapid large-scale defect or corrosion inspection in the volume of metallic sheets



Broadband Eddy Current Inspection Electronics for Multichannel and Multifrequency Applications



High-Performance, Single-Channel Ultrasound Electronics for Industrial Applications



Ultrasound inspection system for the nondestructive corrosion inspection at pipes and light poles



Tailor-made airborne ultrasound inspection system for contactless and contamination-free inspection of components and parts, e.g. in case of hybrid materials


MAUS – Flexible sensor platform for configuring smart IIoT devices

Monitoring urban and energy infrastructure



Multi-Channel Electronics for System Integration



Mobile manual inspection system for wheelsets with full storage of inspection data


Sensor System to Detect Cracks and Neckings in Formed Sheets

EMAT Inspection Technology


SHD Inspection System

Mobile SHD inspection system for the nondestructive inspection of the surface hardening depth in inductively hardened components by ultrasound backscattering


Thermographic Inspection Systems

Replacement for the magnitic particle inspection in crack detection at train wheels, forged parts, long steel bars, etc.



Ultrasound inspection system for residual stress measurement at the rim of rail wheels


Ultrasound Sensors

Ultrasound sensors for diverse applications; customization to customer requirements



Flexible Single-Channel Ultrasound Electronics



Ultrasound inspection of weld seams of gearbox output shafts