Fraunhofer IZFP targets its activities toward nondestructive testing value chains within product lifetime cycles by offering core NDT expertise and technologies designed for the institut's  key business areas

With better security, reliability and lower costs in mind, the focus of the institute‘s application-oriented, industrial-purpose innovations is improving the quality of the customer‘s products.

Fraunhofer IZFP offers its customers and research partners the entire range of nondestructive testing technologies, whether it involves basic or applied research. The institute‘s researchers, engineers and technicians develop solutions to address modern testing applications including feasibility studies, consulting, training and inspection services and creating prototype systems.

The development results of the institute are systematically interlinked with modern information and communication technologies. Machine learning concepts are used for intelligent signal and image processing or for the automated interpretation and assessment of test and measurement data.

Derived from the obtained data digital metadata on materials can be made available for the Materials Data Space. This networking enables shorter development times, learning manufacturing processes and new business models thus leading to a significant improvement in product quality. The institute uses the entire range of physical measuring principles based on decades of know-how.



Facts and Figures

  • Founded: 1972
  • Location: Saarbrücken, Ilmenau (Germany)
  • Employees: 116 permanent staff
  • Total business volume (2020): 14.20 million €
  • Total revenue (2020): 8 million €

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