Field 4: Consulting and holistic services around measurement, testing, data value creation and standardization

Field 4 is to provide consulting and integral R&D services around measurement, testing, data value creation and standardization along the entire data value chain.

An R&D focus of this service area is on the following topics:

  •  Adaptation and enhancement of validation and qualification processes as well as documentation for the introduction of new NDT procedures based on the flexible laboratory accreditation according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025
  • Conception and creation of reference, test and validation data sets for AI-supported NDE4.0 algorithms on hardware level as well as on software level (evaluation software with ML, Deep Neural Networks etc.) for specific, already classically established application segments in NDT
  • Development of scientific-technical specifications and methods for testing AI (comprehensibility and plausibility checks) based on approaches of "Explainable AI".
  • Development of process descriptions for the comparison of new test result assessment and evaluation, which are based on AI algorithms, with firmly prescribed testing and evaluation standards of the NDT , i.e. with previous specifications in existing object standards of the NDT. Combination of AI validation methods with NDT validation methods (Probability of Detection POD or Receiver Operating Characteristics ROC etc.).
  • Co-design of a guideline for personnel training and certification as well as standard extension of DIN EN ISO 9712 with regard to specific competencies NDE4.0 / AI.