Our High-Performance Fields

Safety in the use of products as well as in the operation of plants – e.g. in the field of energy (power plants, chemical plants) and public infrastructure (buildings) – is an essential objective of our project activities. Yet another essential component of our purpose arises from the need to ensure ecological sustainability through the efficient use of resources. We achieve this sustainability through appropriate sensor systems which ensure the robustness of (production) processes that recur within defined tolerances. Thus, our sensor systems provide them with sufficient process capability.

The service areas presented in detail below represent the future strategic research agenda of Fraunhofer IZFP. Research programming is based on the existing R&D portfolio, which will undergo further evolution and expansion. In the future, the performance fields will serve as "guard railing" for the strategic enhancement of the institute. They will be constantly monitored, further developed and, if necessary, adapted or updated.

They are structured as follows:

Our Centers of Expertise (CoEs)

The central responsibility of the CoEs is the initiation and content-related development and processing of projects and in-house services. This applies not only to technical and scientific disciplines, but also to commercial and administrative ones.

  • Sensor Technologies Acoustics/Ultrasonics: Sensor Physics || Sensor ApplicationSensor-Based Solutions and Application
  • Electromagnetic Sensor Technologies
  • Sensor Intelligence and Microelectronics
  • ECO²: Data Spaces and Data Systems || Production and Maintenance Processes
  • Applied AI, Signal Processing and Data Analysis
  • MatBeyoNDT
  • System Design and Assembly: Hardware Systems || Mechanical Construction and Machine Shop
  • IT, Software and Data Infrastructure
  • Business Development and Project Management
  • Organizational Development: Strategy and Research Programming / Innovation Management || Management Systems || Strategic Human Resources Development || Resource Management Projects
  • Communications
  • Central Administration and Infrastructure Services

Please direct your inquiries regarding our CoEs to info[at]izfp.fraunhofer.de.