The business unit "railway" is characterized by the world-wide upgrading of the highspeed network at concurrently ingreased maintenance standards. Thus, major activities of the business unit concern the development and marketing of automated inspection and monitoring systems for wheel set components in the frame of the light and heavy maintenance of railway operators.

UER III: System for Ultrasonic Stress Measurement in the Rim of Railroad Wheels

© Fraunhofer IZFP / Uwe Bellhäuser
UER III: System for ultrasonic stress measurement in the rim of railroad wheels

Fields of application: Heavy/operational maintenance

More than 20 years of experience in industrial application

Frontend solution to minimize electromagnetic interferences

Development and design of the mobile version in 2018

Comprehensive service and flexible technical support

Selection of long-term available hardware components

Compatible with modern IT infrastructure in workshop environment

Comfortable handling, easy to learn and reliable

Identical cross-platform inspection software for all variants

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Hardware and Software Components of the Ultrasonic Inspection System RAWIS: Production-Integrated Inspection of Railroad Wheels

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RAWIS Inspection System

High resolution at concurrently high inspection velocity by use of phased array technique and hardware-near data processing

Fully automated hundred percent inspection of wheel rim and wheel hub within a single turn of the wheel

Use of smart evaluation algorithms for automated assessment of the inspection results

Modular system design for use in maintenance inspections at low modification time and effort

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AUROPA: Automated Wheel Tread Inspection System

Inspection of the tread condition of an entire train in roll-over operation

Application of EMAT probes immediately in the track

Couplant-free ultrasound inspection enabling measurements even at low ambient temperatures

Increased measurement reliability by redundant probes

Cost-effective realization of the inspections including automated recording of the inspection results in a database

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Mobile Inspection System for Hollow Rail Axles

© Fraunhofer IZFP / Uwe Bellhäuser
Mobile Ultrasonic Inspection System

Rotating ultrasound test probe

Suitable for 30-90 mm bore diameters

Hand-operated, compact test cart

Mechanized inspection system provides visual display of test results

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Automated Thermography Inspection System for Railway Wheels

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Robot-assisted surface crack inspection in railroad wheels of high-speed trains by inductively excited thermography

Substitution of conventional magnetic particle inspection: Large-scale, fast, and imaging method

Nondestructive and automatable, can be integrated into existing processes

Objective/automatic defect detection even of covered (near-surface) defects by intelligent assessment algorithms

Contactless and couplant-free

Quantitative crack depth assessment