3D ultrasound tomography for use in modern lightweight construction


As a part of its methodical and technological expertise Fraunhofer IZFP provides a great variety of competences to generate sensor-based data, e.g. methods based on

  • Electromagnetics (terahertz waves, microwaves, micromagnetics, eddy current, flux leakage)
  • Optics (laser, interferometry)
  • Thermography (inductive thermography, etc.)
  • Ultrasound (Phased Array, Sampling Phased Array, EMAT, air borne ultrasound, piezoelectrics)
  • X-Ray (computed tomographie / laminography)


On these fundaments, the institute develops technologies and system solutions for

  • identification, analysis and assessment of materials and raw materials
  • definition of parameters for product development
  • monitoring and control of production processes
  • quality control for products
  • condition monitoring of products in trade and during operation
  • sorting of materials during recycling