Fairs / Events

  • Virtual / March 06, 2023 - February 08, 2023

    "InCeight Casting C8"

    "InCeight Casting C8" is the congress that offers the overarching exchange of experience and knowledge of all disciplines involved in the product life cycle »cast component«. Employees and decision-makers from the areas of research & development, engineering & design, production & quality assurance from vehicle manufacturing, metal production and processing, mechanical and plant engineering and power generation are at the right place. The aim is to develop a common understanding of the various requirements for high-performance and efficient cast products. Lectures, discussions and workshops from the disciplines of design and product development, fatigue strength, non-destructive component testing, foundry technology and simulation are aimed at participants from science and industry.

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  • Fraunhofer IOSB, Karlsruhe / March 22, 2023 - March 23, 2023

    6th International Conference on Optical Characterization of Materials (OCM)

    The International Conference on Optical Characterization of Materials (OCM) will be held for the sixth time in March 2023. OCM is organized by the Karlsruhe Center for Spectral Signatures of Materials (KCM) in cooperation with the German Chapter of the Instrumentation & Measurement Society of IEEE. KCM is an association of institutes of the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) and the business unit Automated Visual Inspection of the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB. The state of the art in the optical characterization of materials is advancing quickly. The aim of this conference is leading researchers in the field of characterisation of Materials by spectral properties from UV (240 nm) to IR (14 μm), multispectral image analysis, X-ray methods, polarimetry and microscopy. Typical areas for these applications and techniques are e.g. food industry, recycling of waste materials, detection of contaminated materials, mining, process industry and raw materials. Die optische Charakterisierung von Materialien ist ein schnell wachsendes wissenschaftliches Gebiet. Die OCM 2023 bietet eine Plattform für den wissenschaftlichen Austausch zwischen führenden Forschern. Zu den interessanten Themen gehören die Charakterisierung von Materialien durch spektrale Eigenschaften von UV (240 nm) bis IR (14 μm), multispektrale Bildanalyse, Röntgenmethoden, Polarimetrie und Mikroskopie. Typische Bereiche für diese Anwendungen und Techniken sind die Lebensmittelindustrie, das Recycling von Abfallstoffen, der Nachweis von kontaminierten Materialien, der Bergbau, die Prozessindustrie und Rohstoffe.

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  • Stuttgart / May 09, 2023 - May 12, 2023

    Control 2023

    Control illuminates all aspects in theory and presents the current world range of usable technologies, processes, products and system solutions for industrial quality assurance in practice.

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  • Lisbon / July 03, 2023 - July 07, 2023

    13th ECNDT


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  • Stuttgart / November 07, 2023 - November 10, 2023

    Blechexpo 2023

    Blechexpo represents the world’s range of products and solutions for the industrial processing of sheet metal, tubes and profiles. The portfolio ranges from raw materials, their storage and handling to the production of ready-to-assemble assemblies, devices, apparatuses and basic machines. Expanded by the complementary Schweisstec – International Trade Fair for Joining Technology, the trade fair duo occupies a special position globally, because nowhere else in the world are the process chains for working and processing sheet metal, tubes and profiles presented as completely as here!

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