Executive Director and Heads of Department

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Center: Prof. Randolf Hanke, Executive Director, on the left: Werner Bähr, Head of Department Electronics for NDT Systems, above: Prof. Bernd Valeske, Head of Department Components & Assemblies as well as Deputy Director, above: Dr. Bernd Wolter, Head of Department Production-Integrated NDT, on the right: Dr. Klaus Szielasko, Head of Department Materials Characterization, below: Prof. Hans-Georg Herrmann, Head of Department In-Service Inspection & Life-Cycle Monitoring as well as Deputy Director, below: Dr. Andreas Schmidt, Head of Administration

Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Randolf Hanke

Assistant - Ms. Maria-Elisabeth Flock

+49 681 9302-3800


Deputy directors:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Georg Herrmann

Department Assistant Ms. Doris Cawelius
+49 681 9302-3940


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Valeske

Department Assistant Ms. Giuseppa Iacolino
+49 681 9302-3600


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Georg Herrmann

Department Assistant - Ms. Doris Cawelius

+49 681 9302-3940


Dr. rer. pol. Andreas Schmidt

Department Assistant - Ms. Sandra Henn

+49 681 9302-3871[at]

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Valeske

Department Assistant - Ms. Giuseppa Iacolino

+49 681 9302-3600


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Organisation Chart Fraunhofer IZFP

The organization diagram depicts the institute's areas of focus, which includes:

  • Nondestructive materials characterization (design, method development, implementation) of high performance or compound materials
  • Process monitoring and control (automated component inspections for manufacturing applications)
  • Fully or semi-automated inspection of complex-shaped components or assemblies made from any material, including flexible and configurable 3D inspection robotics and NDT technologies (stationary or portable)
  • Nondestructive condition monitoring of transport systems, buildings and infrastructures, pipelines, streets and bridges
  • Development of NDT modules for system integrators and small-to-medium enterprises


Scientific Supervisor

Priv.-Doz. Dr. habil. Martin Spies

+49 681 9302-3612



Arbitress for good scientific practice


Prof. Dr. Ute Rabe

+49 681 9302-3863



Deputy arbiter


Dr.-Ing. Thomas Waschkies

+49 681 9302-3637