Mechanical Construction and Factory


The One-Stop Shop

Within the institute, we can develop a wide variety of mechanical prototypes as a service provider with engineers and skilled workers experienced in industry and manufacture them ourselves in our modern, well-equipped mechanical workshop.

Our system interface (CAD/CAM) and the close cooperation between design and workshop enable us to develop industry-grade products for our customers flexibly, quickly and individually. From simple sheet metal cutting to high-precision turned and milled parts, to complete system assemblies - (almost) anything is possible.

Our service portfolio is comprised as follows:

  • Mechanical design and prototype development
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Production planning
  • Manufacturing service / milling workshop
  • Training workshop (machinist)

Machinery and equipment

  • CNC five-axis simultaneous milling machines and swivel rotary table (DMU 75 monoBlock)
Working area  x = 750 mm
 y = 650 mm
 z = 560 mm
Control Heidenhain TNC 640
Year of construction                         


  • CNC five-axis milling machine (DMU 60 T)
Working area x = 630 mm
y = 560 mm
z = 560 mm
Control Heidenhain TNC 530
Year of construction                         


  • Conventional milling machine (Maho 800)
Working area x = 700 mm
y = 400 mm
z = 450 mm             
Year of construction                         


  • CNC turning and milling machine (CTX Beta 800)
Max. work piece length with tailstock   x = 800 mm
Max. turning diameter   d = 410 mm
Control Siemens 840 D            
Year of construction 2011


  • Servo engine lathe (Weiler C30)
Distance between centres                      
x = 750 mm
Max. turning diameter
d = 320 mm
Control Siemens 840 D            
Year of construction 2013


  • Flat Grinding Machine (G&N MPS-RC)
Vertical spindle
Top grinding wheel with frequency controlled rotary table             


  • Tool presetter (DMG UNO 20/40)
Measuring range                                     
z = 400 mm
x = 400 mm (Ø)             


  • Other machines and equipments
    • Sandblast cabin
    • Wig welding machine
    • Guillotine shears
    • Metal bandsaw (for 600 mm tensioning)
    • Bandsaw
    • Various free-standing machines and bench drills