Digital twin, composite lightweight construction: digitalTPC (MAVO)

The objective is to consider all sub-process steps from semi-finished product to component manufacture comprehensively and holistically by digitally representing manufacturing parameters and quality characteristics, which are recorded during the sub-process steps by means of suitable sensor technology into the process.

While digital twins have already generated significant efficiency gains in the industrial environment, their process control potential across value-adding stages remains largely unused. This is especially true of the growing series production of plastic-based composite structures. The digital twin for thermoplastic composites will demonstrate this by means of hybrid injection molding technology suitable for large-scale production. Here, fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite semi-finished products are continuously formed and back-injected. The complex influences of the sub-process steps on the material’s microstructure and the final component’s characteristics pose an enormous challenge for process control and quality assurance. This requires thorough digitalization of the complete production process, which will be implemented jointly by the SCAI, IMWS, ICT, and IZFP Fraunhofer institutes.


  • Process-integrated multimodal sensor technology for automated feature recording
  • Digital representation and visualization of quality-related characteristics of semi-finished products and components

Fields of application

  • Composite lightweight construction
  • Automated material/quality inspection, especially for semi-finished products and half-shells