3D SmartInspect

Intelligent inspection control and documentation by an optical tracking system for different inspection modi

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Products and Services

Cognitive sensor systems from a single supplier

Fraunhofer IZFP offers reliable products and services for industrial application.

Our product portfolio comprises products for all material-related value-added chains in the framework of the Product Life Cycle (PLC), i.e.  

  • devices for process control and process monitoring,
  • necessary sensors including
  • all electronics required by the sensors plus
  • assessment and documentation software.

In core sectors of the PLC we additionally offer products for material characterization, defect analysis and condition assessment.

In addition to classical inspection services we support our customers and partners in selecting adequate inspection methods. On request, we integrate these methods into production processes and train skilled workers and employees in new activities. As a result of our flexible accreditation, we are in a position to transfer newly developed methods without relevant time delay into production lines while providing comprehensive assistance to the customer.