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New Basic Parameters by COVID-19: Opportunities and solutions for economy and society by means of cognitive sensor systems

COVID-19 – colloquially known as ”Corona” – currently has a major impact on social and economic parameters. In this context, however, there are also considerable opportunities and potentials to shape the industrial NDT with innovative solutions based on cognitive sensor systems and digital technologies in terms of comprehensive digitization.

In the past weeks, Fraunhofer IZFP has sharpened its R&D and technology offerings. Our innovations are ready to support our industrial partners in the development of flexible and customer-specific ”cognitive sensor systems” for the nondestructive monitoring of industrial processes and value chains – even in these difficult times.

Remote control, assistance systems, sensor-based AI for process optimization and the digital embedding of data and information flows in Industry 4.0 landscapes are tested in innovative technology platforms of Fraunhofer IZFP and are implemented in customized industrial applications. As components of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), our solutions already offer comprehensive possibilities for control and data communication in the context of ”Smart Factory” concepts (e.g. by OPC UA); they also allow new types of service offerings in the focus of quality, production and material data.

In parallel to these recognized application options, our cognitive sensor systems are ideally qualified for immediate use in the context of the changing needs and challenges of a Corona-based production environment: For the efficient, reliable production of materials for protective equipment (clothing, fibres, filters, etc.), new technological developments have been expedited at Fraunhofer IZFP, while existing offerings for assistance systems and services for use in health and hygiene monitoring have been adapted and expanded.

We will be glad to advance your individual ideas into tailor-made technologies in close cooperation with you. Some examples we have listed below.
Our expert for digital interfaces and OPC UA-based solutions in modern production environments is always available to help you with advice and support. Find out more on this website or contact our expert directly:


Intelligent and efficient production and quality processes with OPC UA sensor platforms

  • Sensor-based automatic monitoring and control of production processes
  • Sensor-based monitoring of machines, plants and infrastructure (also with remote access)
  • Procedures for quality assurance in the context of flexible production processes (e.g. additive manufacturing)
  • Automatic identification of the maintenance and repair outlay (predictive maintenance)
  • Extension and optimization of existing sensor-based monitoring systems for use in digitized production environments
    • Interfaces (e.g. OPC UA)
    • Data processing and data interpretation (e.g. by machine learning)
  • Enhanced productivity, predictive quality assurance and upkeep of machines by means of
    • intelligent link between existing production data and additional sensor data
    • identification and controlling of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • AI-based controlling strategies

Sensor systems for production and service assistance in HealthCare

R&D projects on health protection in start-up phase

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AI-based Sensor Systems

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