Materials Testing Institute (MPA) – University Of Stuttgart – Campus Vaihingen  /  08. Oktober 2024  -  10. Oktober 2024

Materials Processes Applications MPA Seminar 2024

Materials for future applications

At the core of the MPA seminar’s attention lies the pivotal role of materials, where they confront a host of complex challenges. While steel in various forms as austenitic or martensitic continues to play a crucial role, evolving applications necessitate the use of other materials like nickel-based alloys, titanium and high-strength aluminum.

Moreover, the introduction of innovative manufacturing processes enables the design and manufacturing of more complex structures and components and the utilization of a broader spectrum of materials. Nevertheless, the surging costs associated with increasingly precious alloying elements present formidable obstacles. Further challenges include but are not limited to highly flexible load cycles, material behaviour under harsh environments like extremely high and low temperatures as the bevhavior under the influence of media, especially biogas and hydrogen. The performance of materials dominates the performance of the end product, emphasizing the need for efficient resource utilization in their application.