Ultrasonic inspection

John Deere 8000 Series forage harvester Weld seam testing on blade holder using “LinScanDuo 2.0“

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Ultrasonic inspection with its various techniques has long been a central procedure of nondestructive testing and thus an essential element of many quality assurance measures. In most if not all sections of the product lifecycle - but particularly for ​​production processes - it provides established methods with versatile possibilities to guarantee the safety of the manufactured products.

By the rise of novel materials such as fiber-reinforced plastics, high-strength steels and light metals, which are used alone or in combination in hybrid components and as composite materials, the requirements for ultrasound inspection have significantly increased over the last decade. These material-related challenges are intensified by increasingly complex component geometries, the need for high-resolution defect detection or the realization of faster inspection speed. All this can be taken into account with the methods provided at Fraunhofer IZFP. The areas of material characterization, component / assembly inspection and condition monitoring are the focus of our attention.

The institute has a wide range of application-oriented techniques, competences and know-how at its disposal. This comprises, among other things, the construction of specially adapted ultrasound transducers and inspection systems including hardware and software development as well as the execution of qualifying manual and robot-based ultrasound tests to meet customer-specific requirements.

In addition, Fraunhofer IZFP counsels its customers in the preparation of specific inspection instructions and supports the execution and the evaluation of inspections.

UER III: System for Ultrasonic Stress Measurement in the Rim of Railroad Wheels

© Fraunhofer IZFP / Uwe Bellhäuser

UER III: System for ultrasonic stress measurement in the rim of railroad wheels

Fields of application: Heavy/operational maintenance

More than 20 years of experience in industrial application

Frontend solution to minimize electromagnetic interferences

Development and design of the mobile version in 2018

Comprehensive service and flexible technical support

Selection of long-term available hardware components

Compatible with modern IT infrastructure in workshop environment

Comfortable handling, easy to learn and reliable

Identical cross-platform inspection software for all variants

Flyer UER

Flyer UER-mobil

Air-Coupled Ultrasound Inspection: Contactless and Contamination-Free Materials Characterization

© Fraunhofer IZFP / Uwe Bellhäuser

Air-coupled ultrasound inspection of advanced materials

The structural components used in modern automobiles and aircraft manufacturing are subject to stringent requirements, such as having a lightweight, yet mechanically robust design. Among other things, this ensures structures with improved crash behavior and excellent vibration and sound damping properties. Adhering to such demanding specifications requires the use of innovative materials like carbon or glass fiber reinforced polymer, high-strength steel and lightweight metals, which are often combined into hybrid components.

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High-Frequency Ultrasonic Technology: Optimizing the Quality of Laser Welding Seams (Presshardened Steels)

© Fraunhofer IZFP

3d profile of a laser beam welding seam

Integration of the HF-ultrasonic inspection technology for a fast, efficient monitoring, documentation and optimization of the laser welding quality

Validation for determining all of the relevant quality characteristics (welding seam profile, existence and position of defects, etc.)

Detection of typical defects such as “false friends“, “seam collapse“ and “blow out“ as well as pores with a minimum diameter of approx. 0.2 millimeters

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EMUS: Defect Inspection using Electromagnetic Ultrasound Technology

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Contactless ultrasound inspection without couplants

Real-time capable; can be automated for in-line inspections.

Industrial-scale, robust design leads to long service life without visible wear and tear

Cold and warm sheet metal forming (i.e. auto body parts)

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Hardware and Software Components of the Ultrasonic Inspection System RAWIS: Production-Integrated Inspection of Railroad Wheels

© Rosen Group

RAWIS Inspection System

High resolution at concurrently high inspection velocity by use of phased array technique and hardware-near data processing

Fully automated hundred percent inspection of wheel rim and wheel hub within a single turn of the wheel

Use of smart evaluation algorithms for automated assessment of the inspection results

Modular system design for use in maintenance inspections at low modification time and effort

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Surface Hardening Depth (SHD): Nondestructive Inspection of Inductively Hardened Parts and Components Using Ultrasonic Backscattering

© Fraunhofer IZFP

Crank shaft inspection using SHD sensor

Long-term experience with customized ultrasonic hardware and software

Fraunhofer IZFP designs and manufactures optimized ultrasonic electronics

Systems for automated and manual testing are available

No calibration of reference parts with defined hardness

Impartial, user-independent measurement technique

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MAGNUS: Hybrid Micromagnetic and Ultrasonic Test System

© Fraunhofer IZFP / Uwe Bellhäuser

MAGNUS setup

Smart combination of micromagnetic materials characterization and electromagnetic ultrasound transduction

Demonstrator set up and testing in industrial-like environments

The MAGNUS project is jointly funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research and the French National Research Agency through the Fraunhofer Carnot program, an alliance with the “Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques” CETIM in Senlis, France.

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