In-Service Inspection and Life-Cycle Management

The In-Service Inspection and Life-Cycle Management department develops nondestructive testing methods and processes designed to monitor and analyze the condition of structures over the course of their operational life. This work involves utilizing the entire spectrum of NDT processes, from ultrasound, electromagnetics and eddy current, to x-ray and thermography.

  • Railway
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Infrastructure and equipment such as pipelines
  • Energy (both conventional and regenerative power plants)
  • Plants and equipment
  • Lightweight construction
  • Life sciences and agriculture (seed quality monitoring)

  • New data analysis and visualization algorithms, which serve as a key building block for better and easier interpretation of test results
  • Inspection systems for maintaining and diagnosing critical components
  • Systems for continually monitoring the condition of critical structures
  • Structure analyses for detecting component fatigue and aging

  • Preliminary studies and feasibility analyses
  • Inspection system design and development
  • Implementation

Department Assistant

Ms. Doris Cawelius

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