Components and Assemblies

The Components and Assemblies department is engaged in the development and application of innovative nondestructive testing solutions with an emphasis on rapid, automated 3D inspections, data analysis and visualization (tomography-based), as well as in the fusion of data generated by different inspection methods and modes of operation (ultrasound/acoustic, thermography, x-ray CT).

The department uses the available platform technology to rapidly transfer custom sensor and measurement and test technologies, especially software, into industrial test environments and applications with the aim of addressing complex issues. The flexible and certified transfer of innovative developments is carried out with an accredited lab that complies with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

We offer fully tested and validated solutions that ensure the efficient production and reliable utilization of quality components.

  • Automobile manufacturers and suppliers
  • Rails industry, rail vehicle manufacturers
  • Aerospace
  • Power plant construction
  • Machine and equipment construction, manufacturing industry
  • Life sciences and agriculture

Solutions for

  • Detecting and analyzing defects such as fissures, pores and separations
  • Inspecting materials to reveal contamination, corrosion or other quality-relevant characteristics (geometric, dimensional properties or material structures such as fiber content and distribution), including automated inspections and analyses (frequently 3D)
  • Inspecting various types of joints: welded, soldered, sealed, bonded, mechanical and hybrid

Application Spectrum

  • Intermediate products
  • Semi-finished products
  • Products in different stages of production, all the way to finished and assembled end products made from all classes of materials, particularly metals, polymers and composites (fiber reinforced)

  • Consulting and training
  • Research and development projects
  • Prototype projects (sensor technology, equipment/instrument technology, software)
  • Industrial environment testing and validation
  • Inspection services in an accredited lab (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025) carried out by certified personnel (DIN ISO 9712) or on-site using portable technology
  • NDT technical center featuring a wide range of inspection technologies and inspection robotics suitable for all types of nondestructive testing processes

Department Assistant

Ms. Kelsey Newcomb

Phone +49 681 9302-3669

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