Mechanical Construction and Factory

Mechanical Construction and Factory

Mechanical Construction and Factory


Whether mechanical prototype designs or production - independent of external design offices and manufacturers, we can design approx. 95 percent of all mechanical components in the Fraunhofer IZFP itself and also produce them in our very well equipped mechanical workshop including immediate tests after finishing. We can produce (almost) everything ourselves, from simple sheet metal cutting to complicated turned and milled parts to complete testing equipment.

Should we nevertheless reach our limits in terms of production technology, we can rely on a large network of external manufacturers who support us in our projects at all times.

As a unit within a group, with industrially experienced designers and manufacturers, we are able to develop, design and test different prototypes quickly and easily. Whether for our own research purposes or according to customer requirements - our strengths base upon fast and reliable implementation.

Our service spectrum is composed as follows:

  • Design and concept creation
  • Mechanical prototype development
  • Mechanical design (CAD – SOLIDWORKS 2017 and 2019)
  • Mechanical manufacture (CAM – FeatureCAM 2019)
  • Manufacture planning
  • Cutting machine operator apprenticeship

Machinery and Equipment

  • CNC five-axis simultaneous milling machines and swivel rotary table (DMU 75 monoBlock)
Working area  x = 750 mm
 y = 650 mm
 z = 560 mm
Control Heidenhain TNC 640
Year of construction                         


  • CNC five-axis milling machine (DMU 60 T)
Working area x = 630 mm
y = 560 mm
z = 560 mm
Control Heidenhain TNC 530
Year of construction                         


  • Conventional milling machine (Maho 800)
Working area x = 700 mm
y = 400 mm
z = 450 mm             
Year of construction                         


  • CNC turning and milling machine (CTX Beta 800)
Max. work piece length with tailstock   x = 800 mm
Max. turning diameter   d = 410 mm
Control Siemens 840 D            
Year of construction 2011


  • Servo engine lathe (Weiler C30)
Distance between centres                      
x = 750 mm
Max. turning diameter
d = 320 mm
Control Siemens 840 D            
Year of construction 2013


  • Tool presetter (DMG UNO 20/40)
Measuring range                                     
z = 400 mm
x = 400 mm (Ø)             


  • Other machines and equipments
    • Sandblast cabin
    • Wig welding machine
    • Guillotine shears
    • Metal bandsaw (for 600 mm tensioning)
    • Bandsaw
    • Various free-standing machines and bench drills