Departments along the Product Life Cycle

Algorithms / Signal and Data Processing

The Algorithms / Signal and Data Processing department develops technologies related to the requirements of NDT 4.0, especially for the fields of cognitive sensors and sensor systems, AI integration, Big Data and intelligent signal and data processing.

Electronics for NDT Systems

The Electronics for NDT Systems department develops innovative electronic modules for nondestructive testing solutions for and in collaboration with system integrators.

In-Service Inspection & Life-Cycle Monitoring

The In-Service Inspection and Life-Cycle Management department develops nondestructive testing methods and processes designed to monitor and analyze the condition of structures over the course of their operational life. 

Materials Characterization

The Materials Characterization department concentrates on laying the technical groundwork for carrying out materials characterization, whether it involves researching physical test and measurement principles or developing industrial-scale inspection systems.

Components & Assemblies

The Components and Assemblies department is engaged in the development and application of innovative nondestructive testing solutions with an emphasis on rapid, automated 3D inspections, data analysis and visualization as well as in the fusion of data generated by different inspection methods and modes of operation (ultrasound/acoustic, thermography, x-ray CT).

Production-Integrated NDT

The goal of the Production-Integrated NDT department is the development of automated or automatable processes. In carrying out this work, researchers exploit the entire potential offered by the available nondestructive processes and equipment.